How to Convert Educational Videos for Different Platforms or Devices with Movavi Video Converter

Nowadays many courses come with educational or training videos. Some courses may include physical DVDs, while others may provide you with download links for videos or mail them directly to you in a particular format. In most cases these formats will be widely-compatible, but you may have trouble using them on particular devices – such as mobile devices that tend to be a bit more limited.


In short it would be helpful to be able to convert your educational videos for different platforms or devices, and the only thing you need for that is Movavi Video Converter. By using it you will be able to convert your educational videos between any formats and could use it to convert MP4 to WMV, AVI to MKV, or even convert DVDs to some other format of video.

To convert any educational video to another format all you need to do is:

  1. Click ‘Add Video’ and select the educational video that you want to convert.
  2. Open up the ‘Convert to’ list and pick a format.
  3. Click ‘Convert’ to start the conversion.

If you don’t know which format would be best for the device or platform you intend to use, you can always rely on the hundreds of presets in Movavi Video Converter. To use them just pick one instead of a format and the software will automatically use the best format and video settings for that specific device or platform.

Effectively this should help you to ensure that you’re able to convert your educational videos for any device or platform. On top of that, Movavi Video Converter also has numerous other useful tools that will let you improve the quality of your videos, cut and combine video segments, crop or rotate videos, and even insert customizable text as captions or watermarks.

It may surprise you, but Movavi Video Converter is also capable of dealing with other types of media files as well. Not only can it convert image and audio files, but you could use it to create animated GIFs out of video clips, extract the audio tracks from videos, or grab screenshots.

With so many useful features, you may feel a bit spoilt for choice when you first use Movavi Video Converter. Needless to say that is a good thing, and will extend the range of options that you have at your disposal considerably.