Best Points Surfing in The World

Bali, Indonesia

All people in the world have heard of Bali. Small island between the islands of Java and Lombok islands and the island of Nusa Tenggara. The island of Bali is a peaceful land god, exotic, beautiful and save millions of beauty in every corner of the island which is the largest tourist destination in Indonesia. However, few know that bali great place for surfers. The best place covers an area of Bukit Peninsula – south of the city Denpasar, Kuta (Beach), Dreamland, Uluwatu or Padang Padang. With the waves coming from the Southern Ocean, Bali is rich in great waves of up to 12 ft high, from April to November.  If you plan to surf in Bali, do not forget visit to bali ubud Indonesia.


Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

In the Eastern Cape province of South Africa southwest, an hour’s drive from Port Elizabeth, Jeffreys Bay is … Read more

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How to Convert Travel Videos From Various Devices to DVD with Movavi Video Converter

Many travel videos nowadays are in formats that tend to be (almost) universally compatible with most devices. As such you’ll tend to find them in MP4, MPG, AVI, and other similarly widely-used formats. However if you want to transfer your travel videos over to a DVD and watch it on a DVD player then you need to convert it to a DVD-compatible format – which is quite different.entrevistasa

Assuming that is the case then the best way to proceed is to use Movavi Video Converter. It will not only let you switch videos between any formats quite easy, but in this particular case will allow you to convert travel videos to a DVD-compatible format with just a few simple steps:

  1. Click ‘Add Video’ and select the travel video that you want to convert.
  2. Expand the ‘Convert to’ list and select one of the formats under ‘DVD-compatible video’.
  3. Check the ‘Destination’
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