Cheap Airline Tickets & Tips (4)

Whilst many people recite the quote that flying is the safest form of travel, what they do not let you know is that flying with some airlines is definitely a lot safer than flying with others. Next time you are booking a flight ensure you are choosing one of the World’s most secure airlines.

A good solution to differentiate between Boeing and Airbus planes is to take a look at the white strobe lights at the wingtips. This is especially helpful at evening or from a distance. The Boeing strobe lights flash once after which pause, whereas the Airbus lights flash twice. Also, for the Dreamliner, the white strobe gentle stays on noticeably longer whereas for different Boeing planes it is a fast flash.

Considered the most effective airplane pillow, the ergonomically designed Aire-Mate inflatable neck pillow is an instantaneous upgrade to First Class travel, whether or not you are on a plane, practice, or in an car – it even feels great at dwelling on the couch after a long day at work! The pillow is lightweight and stows away neatly in its personal little tote bag for simple packing and transport.

Gosh James…fabulous pictures and writing as all the time. I love the 60s stewardesses. It makes me giggle as I was set to begin up with Continental Airlines in San Diego in my early 20s after which the gas shortage hit so I reconsidered. Probably a good thing as it seems I’m horribly afraid to fly….can you imagine ME as a stewardess? I’m positive it would be funny as all get out however in all probability not for the passengers. Voted up!

This call changed all my plans going ahead. The friendly voice on the phone mentioned I’d been selected to attend Flight Attendant Training starting in a single month. When my trip was over, I flew back to Florida. Until the provide letter arrived with the date to report for coaching, I may hardly believe this occurred. It was like a dream where I didn’t want to get up.Airline Flights

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