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Are we speaking about living or simply surviving in the most cost-effective cities on this planet? Tehran is town I was born and lived in for a few years. And perhaps it is one of the least expensive cities. But folks dont dwell there. they simply survive, wanting ahead for a greater system,, that can give them permission to breath free. ya, you can stay there very low-cost, but you’ll stay in a big prison.

All are fallacious. the cheapest metropolis in the world is Dhaka, the capital metropolis of Bangladesh. right here you can see a full delicious meal at Tk.25 US $.three cent and you should purchase a jeans pant @ US$ 2. in a single greenback you can by 6 kilos of various greens and plenty of companies are free right here these normally charged in different nations. If anyone does not believe he’s welcome to analyze the fact.