Fishing on Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka is a large freshwater lake located in the Twin Cities of the Minnesota metropolitan area. It is about 14 miles long and 5 miles wide, making it one of the largest lakes in the state. The lake is very popular for recreation and is a great place for fishing, swimming, boating and more.


-Beautiful boat rides: There are many companies that offer boat tours on Lake Minnetonka. This is a great way to see the lake and its many mansions and plantations.

-Go swimming or boating: If you want to freshen up on a hot day, head to one of the many public beaches on Lake Minnetonka. Or, rent a boat and enjoy some time on the water.

-Visit a winery or brewery: The lake area is home to several wineries and breweries. Take a tour, sample wine or beer, and learn … Read more

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Car services from Denver

Mountain Stars Transportation will help organize transportation from Denver international airport to Breckenridge – a meeting of business partners and business delegations, tourists, or visitors. We will deliver your guests to the hotel or directly to the venue of the main event.

When ordering a corporate transfer from the railway station or moving along a different route, you can independently choose the class and brand of the vehicle from our fleet.

Popular types of transfer – convenient and organized

The transfer is beneficial for business trips in comfort, families with children, various groups, or the delivery of large luggage. The most popular transfer routes are:

  • Station-hotel.
  • Hotel-hotel.
  • Airport hotel.

Group transfer – relevant if you expect a large number of guests, we will offer a bus or minibus. Individual route – when you need to meet several people at the airport or train station, a minivan transfer will be the … Read more

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Birdwatching: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been looking for a hobby that is low-cost and will help you get in touch with nature, birdwatching may be just what you need. Once you have purchased a few essentials, you won’t need to spend any more of your hard-earned cash on this pastime. 

1. What You’ll Need

To start birdwatching, you need just binoculars and optics Canada, a good bird guide, and the will to learn. Although birdwatching is an inexpensive hobby, you shouldn’t skimp when purchasing your first pair of binoculars. A good pair of binoculars will instantly allow you to more clearly see colors and fine details. They will also exponentially increase the likelihood that you’ll identify the type of bird you’ve spotted.

For newbies, purchasing a bird guide organized by color is recommended. This will make it easier to identify birds as you expand your knowledge.

2. Where to Go

Try to … Read more

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