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Every year, for the past forty-something years, my family has loaded up the automobile for our annual journey to Tererro, New Mexico. We have a cabin there; truly, it’s a log house. It sits on 70 acres on the aspect of a mountain within the Santa Fe National Forest.

When you’re in the village of Joshua Tree, you may need to hitch a ride into the Park. Your best guess is to get off at the Park Boulevard cease and head to Nomad Ventures or Coyote Corner, which are right on the intersection. See if anybody goes your manner. It’s a 12-mile stroll to the park gate from the highway and then one other 8 to Hidden Valley Campground, so you really do wish to find a experience. The good news is that climbers are usually blissful to give rides if they will. As soon as you are in the … Read more

Is Carnival’s Global Brand Presence Now Causing Issues?

Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise company, has seen its stock price decline in recent months due to various factors, including the global impact of the pandemic and the ongoing situation in Eastern Europe.

The company operates several well-known brands in various global markets, including North America, the U.K., Germany, Australia, and Italy, and has long relied on its strong brand presence in these markets to drive business and generate profits.

However, the uneven reopening of cruise travel in the wake of COVID-19, in Asia and Australia in particular, and the direct impact of the conflict in Ukraine on European countries have had a significant effect on the company’s results.

Carnival’s Strongest Suit Now Working Against Them

Carnival Corporation’s brand strategy has long been one where it operates several brands that are location specific. Think Costa Cruises and Italy, AIDA and Germany, P&O in the UK and Australia, and so

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