3 Tips for Planning Your Disneyland Vacation

California is known for fun in the sun, and there is nowhere better to experience this than Disneyland. If your next family vacation is to the Magic Kingdom, it’s time to start planning. Before you go, take the time to do some advance preparation, so you and your kids can enjoy all the park has to offer. 

Where To Stay  

When you book a Disneyland vacation, it is tempting to book at the on-site hotel. However, unless staying for a couple of days and only seeing the park, it is worth looking nearby for easy access to the park while allowing you to explore California as well. Consider Balboa Island vacation rentals in the nearby Newport Beach community or Long Beach for rentals that put you both near Disneyland and other tourist destinations.  

When To Go  

Knowing what times to be at the park can be a challenge. You don’t want to show up too late or leave early and miss out on the electric parade. Check the schedule to see what events are happening when, as well as what is currently closed. The park opens at 9:00 am, so plan to be there a little earlier to ensure you are not waiting in line too long.   

Where To Eat 

Typically, when you think of an amusement park, you think of greasy food from a stand. However, Disneyland offers much more than you would expect with both fine dining and family restaurants to satisfy even the pickiest members of your family. As you explore the park, to guarantee good seats for the entertainment that takes place throughout the day, it is worth booking a premium package giving you a meal and a show.   

Disneyland brings out the magic for everyone, both young and old. Whether visiting for a week or a day, your family will love their vacation in the happiest place on Earth.