Have to Move out of This Place

I really could not have been much luckier in the old arrangements that I had. For the last three semesters I was living scott free with my girlfriend, she was at Vanderbilt on a full scholarship from her Dad. He is an eye doctor, the sort who does cataract surgery on an industrial scale. At any rate she did not pay rent and neither did I. Now I have to search for apartments in Antioch, TN and I have decided that I am going to take a good look at this place called Hickory Trace apartments. The big reason is that it is on the bus route from school and I want to be able to get to school as quickly and easily as I can. Of course I was really willing to go through a little extra trouble when I was living rent free. Obviously it is easy to overlook the flaws in something that costs you nothing.

Luckily for me I have been saving my money. I have known all along that Emily was going to medical school right now and that she was not going to take me along with her. She got accepted at a number of them and decided to go to UNC Chapel Hill. I will not graduate for another year if all goes well and it is really hard to say if I am going to make it to medical school. Right now I am thinking about becoming a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant if that seems to be the best way for me to go. Obviously getting through medical school is really difficult and it is really expensive. It is way too costly for you to try and fail. Right now I just have to worry about my undergraduate degree and that is tough enough.