Tips on Traveling New Zealand with Camper Van

7 Tips Berlibur Menggunakan Campervan di New Zealand Menurut ...

The first time I had the idea of ​​traveling to New Zealand aka Tourism in New Zealand, I immediately knew that I wanted to explore with a camper van alias caravan. The reason is as a traveler who likes to explore nature, luxury vacations by staying in hotels feels boring. With a camper van, you can feel that is unique and different from your travel blog.

Early in 2019 ago, I finally succeeded in realizing the dream of traveling in New Zealand with a camper van! It turns out comfortable! Not as I originally thought. Vehicles that are more like a mobile home have complete facilities ranging from toilets, beds, kitchens to the dining table. Check out my experience.

In this Kiwi Country a lot of local and foreign tourists who travel With Your Pet to various destinations by hiring a camper van. No wonder you can find camper van rental companies easily throughout New Zealand.

They offer various types of camper vans with various facilities, ranging from affordable prices to luxurious and complete, of course, the exorbitant rental prices. If you have a vacation plan to New Zealand by renting camper vam, there are a few things you should know in advance. Here is some information that you can refer to before starting your journey in New Zealand with a camper van.

Choose a trusted Campervan company

Actually, to be able to drive in New Zealand is very easy, you only need to have the ability to drive and SIM. Your SIM is sufficiently translated and is equipped with the Swear Translate or Sworn Translator facility. Later your SIM will only be one sheet of HVS whose contents are exactly the same as what is written on the SIM. To get it, enough with a capital of around 60,000 rupiah per share. Driving in New Zealand is the same as in Indonesia, it’s easy to pay attention to the important speed limit and obey the traffic signs.

Camper van or also known as motorhomes has several types that can be adjusted to the needs. You can have a campervan with a capacity of 2,3,4, or 6 people. How to rent and choose it is very easy, all you can fix via the internet. One of the recommended campervan rental companies is Britz, which is already very well-known there. Besides Britz, there are also other van rental companies such as Wilderness, Jucy, Apollo, Iconic, Rockets, and several other companies.

One of the advantages that makes Britz worthy of choice is its ease of drop offs that can be different places. For example you want to take a campervan in Christchurch and then want to return it in Queenstown. Plus, free pick up and drop off to the airport which is quite helpful to save on your transportation costs to the airport.

The submission process was fairly rigkas, after you were picked up for free at the airport, then you will be escorted to the Britz Office closest to the airport, followed by the submission of the camper van booking code. One of the facilities offered by this company is the express return feature that allows you to return the campervan in dirty conditions. That is, you can return the campervan without draining water, or without removing the contents of the dirt on the toilet cassette.

I myself chose camper van from the Spaceship company because the price was far cheaper than other companies. The camper van isn’t too new but is very suitable to use. Our camper van is called Rocket. Very cute right? Since there is no airport pick up facility, I have to walk to the Spaceship rental office 20 minutes from the airport while carrying 20 kg of luggage. But it’s okay to save!

After signing, you will be escorted to the campervan that you will use, with a little explanation of how to drive the car. You will also be given a call center number that can be contacted at any time if you need help regarding travel and campervan that you rent.

How Much Does a Camper Van Rental Cost Cost?

Relaxing outside with a campervan parked in the summer is tempting, but in the summer the price of traveling with a vampper is quite expensive. Namely, double the other seasons, you can get a cheaper price if you rent it during the middle of the season or other than summer.

Usually, most campervan rental companies have additional costs for young drivers, that is, for those who are under 25 years old. The price of a camper van in New Zealand starts from NZ $ 70 (day) with daily bed, sink and stove facilities. Also, beware of cheap camper van rental prices, because usually at these cheap prices you will be given an old camper van. It just so happened that the camper van I rented only cost NZ $ 45 at the Spaceship company. (again hockey at that time).

Also, be aware of one-way costs, meaning that if you travel to the North Island region to the South Island, camper van rental companies usually have a one-way fee that can reach NZ $ 300 or USD 2.6 million. As for the price of fuel in New Zealand often varies. For example unleaded fuel whose price ranges between NZ $ 2 or IDR 18,000 per liter, means you have to spend around NZ $ 90 or IDR 803,000 for a full tank. Meanwhile, diesel fuel is cheaper where costs range from NZ $ 62 or IDR 552,000 to NZ $ 68 or IDR 605,000 for 1,000 km.

Remember! You Can not Sleep Anywhere

New Zealand has some strict rules for camping, if you really want to stay in a campervan without paying a camping place to park it, then make sure that the camper van you rent is truly complete. This way, it allows you to sleep in any public space without any restrictions on camping for 3 nights. But if your vehicle is incomplete, inevitably you have to use a holiday park, or a paid or free campsite.

If your camper van is not equipped with toilet facilities, you cannot park anywhere. In the camping area are usually also given facilities such as kitchens, socialization areas, parks, living rooms and entertainment areas.

If you are on the South Island, camping on Lake Tekapo in the Mackenzie District, Centerbury can be an interesting choice. This place is on a hill overlooking the Mackenzie Valley with amazing views and various facilities that make you comfortable.

There are several facilities that are certainly very supportive for travelers who are traveling with camper vans. Such as toilets, showers with hot water, kitchens, microwaves, ovens, and laundry facilities. If you are bored in a camper van, you can rent a bicycle, BBQ for free in the field, or enjoy the beautiful view of the lake while relaxing at a picnic table.

To be camping with a caravan on this beautiful lake, you don’t have to spend money, aka free! It’s just that the maximum campervan that can camp here is limited to 5 campervans, if more certainly others will be driven out. Another rule that must be obeyed is to park your campervan in a designated place. If you park outside the area, be prepared to receive a fine of up to NZD 200.

Meanwhile, if you are on the North Island, there is Kaiaua Beach, in the Gisborne District, Hawkes Bay which can be your destination for camping with campervan. Although camping can be free, this beach cannot be booked prior to arrival and can only stay for a maximum of three nights. This place is perfect for you who want to get a beach atmosphere with the waves of the beach.

Now what are you waiting for? We have shared information about the camper van. Now it’s time to book a camper van to explore New Zealand. Have an interesting holiday experience in New Zealand? Or camper van rental information or tourist destinations?