4 Top Things to Pack for Your RV Trip

There is currently a renewed interest in RV travel all across the United States. Traveling by RV is an exciting way to see parts of the country that you have never experienced. You can move at whatever pace you want and leave plenty of room for a change of plans at the last minute. Whether you are RV camping Kemah TX or traveling to a National Park, it is important to pack some basics that you will need no matter where the road takes you. Here are four top items to pack for your RV trip.

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1. Lights

Although your RV has its own interior lighting and likely a few on the exterior, it is a great idea to pack a variety of lights that can be used outdoors. Headlamps and flashlights are useful when making your way around a dark campground at night. Lanterns make a nice decoration for your picnic table when dining or enjoying time with friends and family after dark.

2. Printed Maps

While navigation systems and cellular phone technology can generally be relied upon, there are times when traveling to remote parts of the country that services may fail. It is a good idea to carry paper maps or an atlas for safety in case you encounter areas where your technology fails.

3. Kitchen Essentials

If you plan to cook while on the road, be sure to pack the essentials. You will want to ensure you have pans, cooking utensils, a knife and cutting board as well as dish soap and a sponge for cleaning up.

4. Sensible Shoes and Clothing

When packing clothes and shoes for your RV trip, carefully consider the type of outdoor activities you have planned and pack accordingly.

An RV trip can be the vacation of a lifetime if you spend a little extra time and effort planning the items to bring on your journey.