Fishing Reel Repair Parts

For many people, fishing is one of the great pleasures of life. It almost doesn’t matter if a person catches a fish. Simply being out in nature by a body of water with friends and family is pleasure enough. But those who are serious about catching fish know that the right equipment can mean the difference between an ice box full of their favorite catch and nothing at all. Besides hooks and lines, the most important fishing equipment are rods and reels.

Things to Know About Rods

Rods have evolved from their humble beginnings as sticks with strings attached. Now there are light, short spinning rods, leger rods made to hold bait on the bottom of the river or lake, the long float rod, boat rods, shore rods and different types of fly rod. Whatever type of rod a fisherman chooses, it needs to be light, responsive and maneuverable. Basically, it needs to be an extension of the fisherman’s arm.

Things to Know About Reels

As there are different types of rods, there are different types of reels. They are basically reservoirs for the lines, and allow the fisherman to fish at great distances. Reels include fixed spools, closed-face, multipliers, fly and bait-casting. Modern reels can have complex construction with lots of parts that are subject to wear. A fisherman should avail themselves of a company such as LMR Custom Rods and Tackle that sells quality rods, reels, fishing reel repair parts and other tackle.

Why are There Different Rods and Reels?

Rods and reels come in different types to correspond with the type of fish that is sought. Catfish, for example, are bottom feeders and respond best to bait offered by a leger rod. Trout often take larvae and insects from the surface of the water, so they are best caught with a fly rod which holds an artificial fly on top of or just under the water.


To make a fishing expedition fun and successful, the sportsman should purchase the highest quality tackle they can afford. Superbly crafted rods and reels last for years and can even be passed down from one generation to the next.