4 Essentials for an Overland Trip

Are you ready to hit the road and see the world? Before you jump behind the wheel, make sure that you’ve packed the right equipment behind the seat. You’ll want to be prepared for anything when you’re miles and miles from civilization. Here are just four essentials for an overland trip!

1. Navigation Gear

Some people like old-fashioned maps. Others prefer the ease and convenience of a GPS device. There’s no right or wrong way to navigate your personal journey; as long as you end up where you wanted to go, it’s okay to use whatever directional tools that you’d like. No one will kick you off the road for not using a certain kind of guiding equipment.

2. Bull Bar

Bull bars are popular as a style accessory, but they have practical uses as well. They can prevent damage to your vehicle as you drive through dense, unfamiliar terrain, and they’re also a great mounting point for lights and winches. Think about investing in a bull bar to prepare your vehicle for what lies ahead.

3. Tarp

It’s easy to enjoy an overland trip when the sun is shining down through your open car roof. When it starts to rain, however, you’ll be tested on how much you can actually endure. The good news is that a tarp will make the elements a lot easier to deal with, and it won’t take up a lot of room in your bag, either. You might even want to pack more than one tarp.

4. Off-Roading Tires

You’ll need the right wheels before you even think about taking an extended journey in your vehicle, so do some research on various off-roading tires. Which ones have good reviews? Which ones will fit into your budget? Which ones will carry you safely across the hundreds of miles that you plan to log on your overland trip?

These are just a few off road vehicle accessories that you’ll want to have before you take off into the wilderness. Whether you’re heading into the desert or crossing a mountain range, make sure that you’re prepared for it.