Guide Road to Japan

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Trip to Japan for the first time ...

Japan is one of the favorite holiday destinations booming for Asian tourists, including Indonesians. For that this time Javamilk will share a series of articles that can be your guide to travel to Japan without a tour.

First to be determined is the number of holiday days to Japan. This is important because it determines the number of cities you can go to. For those who just want to first, I suggest spend at least 10 days. That’s 4-5 days in Tokyo a new ‘taste’ satisfied.

Route roads need not be too thoughtful because the rail network in Japan is very extensive. Imagine Osaka-Tokyo can be reached in 3 hours. The far only if you want to Sapporo (use the plane or Shinkansen can also).

The first 5 nights stay in Tokyo (this is not enough), then take the train to Hakone to see Mt Fuji, stay overnight in Hakone. Take the train to Kyoto for 2 nights, and 2 more nights stay in Osaka before flying back to Jakarta. The cities visited and the sights you read and follow this article.

Ticket to Japan

There are several airlines that we can use for tours to Japan at a frugal price. But remember, plane tickets are only a small component of the cost of the holiday, so it would not hurt you to board a full-service aircraft if the price is not much different.

    I think just choose which one is cheaper, because the distance Osaka-Tokyo only about 3 hours with Shinkansen, and if you have a Japan Rail Pass transport matter can be spelled out.

Hotels in Japan

Lodging is sometimes a big cost. But if you ever survive living in the expensive Singapore, I think will not be surprised to Japan. Hotels in Osaka tend to be cheaper and rooms are more spacious than Tokyo. While Kyoto hotel prices are sensational because it’s a favorite tourist spot both locals and tourists alike. Hotels in Japan adopted a single model. The number of people will determine the hotel price. Also single bed room (size 120cm beds) will be cheaper than the size of 140 or 160 beds. And make sure you see the details of the size of the bed, sleep together in a 120cm bed can be gout;)

For Tokyo, a good budget hotel starts from around ¥ 7000 for single beds, with a room area of about 7-8m2.

Budget hotel chains that you can try looking for are MyStays, Daiwa Roynet, Toyoko-Inn.

Later I will discuss in more detail about choosing the location of hotels in the articles of each city.

The Airbnb model inn is also very popular and widely available in Japan. This inn is an apartment rental. Some only rent empty rooms, but are more fun and mostly rent out one of their empty apartment units (in the form of a 1-room studio or 2-room unit). Excess is available washing machine and kitchen for cooking, also some hosts lend portable wifi router for free. The room rate starts around $ 50 per night.

Internet in Japan

Nowadays if the tourist but do not have the Internet feel how so. Quiet, if Internet and wifi problems in Japan, lots of portable wifi rental places. The easiest is looking when arriving at Narita or Haneda Airport. If you want to be safe can also message via the Internet, for example Javamify, pocket wifi will be sent to the address in Indonesia before we leave. Or a mifi provider in Japan like eConnect, ask to be sent to the hotel or pickup at the airport on the day we specify. The price for standard speed (already tight by Indo standards) is about 500 yen per day, the longer the rent is cheaper. There is also a prepaid simcard model, some even can be sent to our homes in Indonesia before we leave. You can check on the website, it costs $ 31 for unlimited 8 days of use 4G.

If hoping for free wifi? There is also a little effort though. Download iOS / Android app called Navitime (Japan Travel), then inside there is a menu for sign-up free wifi from NTT Japan and FREESPOT. Wifi NTT is scattered in big cities, especially within subway stations.


By the matter of money I think is quite difficult. Everyone has their own lifestyle. So do not ask me yah 🙂 Make sure you live moderate, once eat if cheap bento and ramen style is 400-500 yen. If you want sushi yah count plate and its color. Transportation a day consider 400-800 yen, excluding inter-city trains and tourist sights. The rest please calculated according to the number of days. The reasonably expensive is if we buy Shinkansen tickets either point-to-point (eg 13000 one-way Tokyo-Osaka) or buy JR Rail Pass all (¥ 27000 for 7 days). I’ll talk about this in a separate page.

Is it affordable to Japan? Can! Eat and hotel in my opinion is not extraordinarily expensive. Compared to Singapore or Hong Kong, hotels in Japan tend to be cheaper (outside of peak season like early cherry season and autumn).


Every major city (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Hokkaido, Hakodate


Every major city (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Hokkaido, Hakodate, Kobe, etc.) already has a complete city transportation network that tourists can use. Regular main mode of transportation is subway train / mrt. In Hakodate there is street car (a kind of tram). While between cities we will use a lot of fast trains to Shinkansen. Please refer to my article of intercity transportation in Japan, where it is described in full including Japan Rail Pass.

For long-haul routes eg Tokyo to Sapporo or to Okinawa is advised to buy a plane ticket. Domestic aircraft Air Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) have special rates for tourists ¥ 10800 flat rate for Japanese domestic routes everywhere. Read the explanation and terms on the website of Japan Fare Experience and JAL Yokoso Japan Fare. Low Cost Carrier domestic aircraft is also quite a lot in Japan, but we can book online is Jetstar Japan, Skymark Air, and Peach Air. Average rates range from ¥ 3000 (eg Tokyo-Okinawa) to ¥ 8000 (Tokyo-Sapporo) one way. For LCC each has very strict requirements, especially on the baggage scale and the number of pieces, make sure you read in detail before buying.