Lisbon Port Welcomes Largest Ever UK Cruise Ship

Lisbon Cruise Port welcomed P&O’s newest ship, Arvia, on her inaugural visit to the port on January 3. Port officials said they expect 2023 to be a record-breaking year for the port, and presented a plaque to the Arvia’s captain to mark what they called a momentous day.

A ‘Momentous Day’ and Big Year Ahead

Duarte Cabral, general manager of Lisbon Cruise Port, along with port authority and customs officials and the harbor master, presented the welcome plaque to Arvia Captain Robert Camby.

Cabral said: “This will be a record-breaking year with the number of calls surpassing even 2019, prior to Covid. Our award-winning port and terminal are ready to serve all the passengers that go through our gates with exceptional health and safety protocols.”

He said the Lisbon port is expecting about 650,000 cruise guests to visit the city, with an “increase of 95% in turnaround passengers” this

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Celebrity Flagship Rescues Refugees from Styrofoam Boat

The Celebrity Beyond cruise ship has come to the rescue of 19 refugees that were stranded on a makeshift boat made out of styrofoam and wood. This rescue operation is the third by a cruise ship in the Caribbean in just a single day and marks a busy start to the year with refugees trying to get from Cuba to South Florida.

Carnival Beyond Rescue

Celebrity Cruises has become the second cruise line involved in rescuing refugees in the Caribbean in 2023 so far, with its flagship, Celebrity Beyond. The large cruise ship spotted the small boat in the Florida straights on January 2.

The small makeshift boat was made of styrofoam and wood and packed with 19 refugees trying to get from Cuba to Florida.

Captained by Kate McCue, the crew launched a rescue boat and brought the refugees aboard. As a procedure, they were checked by

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Carnival Cruise Line Ends Year Ahead of Rivals

Carnival Cruise Line was voted the best cruise line of 2022 by Cruise Hive readers, with 32% of the votes. 2022 is also the 50th anniversary year for Carnival, making this achievement even more special. 

The Cruise Ship Awards are an annual event, and this year, readers could type in the name of any cruise line to cast their vote, making sure that the vote included all eligible cruise lines.

Carnival Votes Best Cruise Line of 2022

The Miami-based cruise line has received more votes than rival lines such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian in the annual Cruise Ship Awards. The cruise line, which has gone through an eventful 2022, is the Best Cruise Line of 2022, according to Cruise Hive readers.

It has been an extraordinary year for Carnival Cruise Line. After a challenging year post-global pause in operations, the popular cruise line is back stronger than ever. America’s

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Carnival Cruise Ship Makes Rescue During Final Sea Day

The Carnival Sunrise cruise ship rescued several refugees on Friday while heading back to Florida towards the end of its Caribbean cruise. Passengers were surprised to see the small boat with several refugees who needed help and were brought aboard the Sunshine-class vessel. It comes following many recent rescues in the Caribbean by other ships in the fleet.

Carnival Sunshine Rescue

Passengers were met with an eventual final sea day on Friday when the Carnival Sunrise came to the rescue of several refugees on a small makeshift boat. The cruise line has released no details, but passengers have posted about the rescue that took place off the coast of Cuba in the Caribbean.

There were approximately seven refugees in what appeared to be a small boat with a makeshift sail. The ship’s captain apparently stopped and picked up the refugees, who were trying to get to South Florida from Cuba.

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