Various Ways To Enjoy The Beauty Underwater Sea

Underwater beauty in the city is no less interesting with the beauty of the underwater in the other hemisphere. Underwater beauty is very fascinating and amazing. In addition to having coral reefs, various types of fish, reptiles to sea mammals are all there and living diverse and harmonious under the sea, you can witness yourself by diving and enjoy the beauty of the sea that still has a very beautiful Sea Garden to be enjoyed.

Enjoying the underwater scenery has its own pleasures. Various varieties of marine life that live in the water is so enticing to look at. Starting from the reef fish are diverse and colorful, the seaweed sway, various coral reefs both hard corals and soft corals that share the shape, to plankton and various other marine flora and fauna tempt us to immediately dive.

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To be able to enjoy all the beauty and enjoyment under the sea, it is not too difficult or takes a long time. One way to be able to enjoy the underdevelopment is by learning to scuba dive (scuba diving). By learning dive a diver will get the theory of how to dive properly, knowledge of the necessary tools including how to save yourself.

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Usually just by skin diving people are not satisfied enough to enjoy the beauty of the underwater panorama, just by floating on the surface, the beauty can be seen limited, only a small part that can be witnessed, for example only small fish and various types Coral reefs in shallow water that can be witnessed. Though more private beauty is usually hidden beneath the surface, then for can enjoy more beauty that if only with skin diving equipment alone we can not dive to a deeper and longer.

Enjoy the Beauty Under Sea With Diving

Diving activities become very popular because to enjoy the underwater beauty we are required to swallow. Diving activity can not be denied today is increasingly popular among the people of the World. Diving is a fun sport but very dangerous. It needs seriousness and caution.

Diving Tips For Beginners

If you are a beginner you can try Discover Scuba Diving or the introduction of diving in the pool under the supervision of a diving instructor.

Check your health before diving. Examinations to be performed include lung health, blood pressure and so on. Make sure you are fit enough for diving.

Make sure you can swim. You will be asked to show your comfort in the water when you begin training in the pool.

After you graduate and get a Diving certificate, do not dive in a dangerous place, such as a strong or shipwreck (sinking ship). Dive at a dive site similar to the conditions at the time of your training.

Never dive alone. You must be accompanied by a buddy (diving partner) during diving. This is important if there is a problem during the dive, your buddy will be able to help you.

Check out your dive equipment! Particularly if renting the diving equipment. Make sure all Scuba Diving equipment is properly installed and working properly. And do a beginner dive check with your buddy before dive.

Watch the weather before diving. Make sure the weather is quite bright, the waves and the waves are not too high, so you are not seasick when on the surface.