Whitewater Rafting Adds Exciting Adventures to Your Camping Trip!

Today’s vacations have become more about commercial attractions and less about enjoying the natural entertainment of our beautiful earth, haven’t they? The coasters, gift shops, eateries, and shows available in nearly every city at any given time becomes relatively monotonous for those of us who appreciate the beauty of the earth’s wonders. Rivers, lakes, streams, oceans and mountains are there for admiration. Additionally, the cost is much lower than the average trip to an amusement park or similar attraction, for example. Even the cheapest trip to Vegas can cost thousands, everything costs money; The accommodations, parking, expensive shows, souvenirs, and of course gambling. Contrarily, there are amazing adventures awaiting your family’s next outing, that can be integrated into your camping or backpacking experience.

The Unparalleled Beauty Of California

California’s rivers are a source of many activities, from fishing to boating to even swimming. American Whitewater Expeditions offer these trips to families for an experience you won’t soon forget. The crisp air and misting water is perfect for warm summer days, and teaches the kids that some things in nature are meant to enjoy but also respect. A tour of such waters as the mighty¬†Kern River, the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite to only name a few are some of the offered expeditions available. What a creative outing for your family and friends to enjoy!

Educating The Kids On Nature

Growing up around California Rivers was a blessing I didn’t comprehend until moving away from water sources into the desert region. The beauty and serenity of the rushing water surrounded by nature is just breathtaking. Teaching our families how to appreciate these little things that many take for granted will assist in preservation for generations to come.

From Awe To WHOA!

Imagine floating calmly down the softly moving waters, laughing and enjoying your company.. Then suddenly the wind picks up just slightly, the raft twists to the left, and WOOHOOO it’s careening past onlookers at river’s edge on an exciting and fun trip downriver. Exhilarating!

Customize Your Vacation

The options do not end there, though. Your adventure awaits your command, and destination decision. Get your gear, your fishing licenses, and your bottled water ready for the outdoor excursion you have been vying for! Whether you enjoy cabins, tent life, motorhome indulgence or even hotel accommodations, your trip is all your own. Finding your perfect vacation is as easy as clicking a mouse or picking up the phone. Keep the kids off the electronic devices for the weekend and show them real adventure!

Enjoy And Respect California

Whether you are a thrill seeker, adrenaline junkie, or prefer the safety of commercial rafts, the professional teams that provide whitewater rafting trips assist in all the details. Combine your trip with a day of leisure by one of California’s lakes, beaches, or campgrounds in addition to your fun rafting experience.