Guide on the Top 4 Beach Vacation Spots in the World


The beach is the spot where you can enjoy the sea and sun in a holiday mood. You should try to get out of your country to see some beaches in other parts of the world. It will be an unforgettable experience for you to relax or do some beach activities in one of the most beautiful setting. The following are the 4 best beach vacation spots around the world.

  1. Tikehau Island Beach

Tikehau Island beach is a white/pink sandy beach in French Polynesia. According to the Jacques Cousteau’s research group, the water around this atoll has the highest number of fishes compared to other atolls. The rental overwater bungalow is one of the reasons why it is an attraction for honeymooners. In the bungalow, there is a glass on the floor which allows you to see through to the sea bottom. You can enjoy recreational activities like snorkeling, bicycling, and kayaking on the island. You can reach Tikehau Island beach by taking a 55 minute flight from Tahiti Island.

  1. Blue Beach

Blue Beach, also known as La Chiva, is a thin stretch of beach with water that has different shades of blue on Isla de Vieques in Puerto Rico. Snorkelers can explore a diverse range of sea lives under the water. Blue Beach is quite spacious and has lots of places to sit. If you drive to Blue Beach, you can park your car at the free car park. The beach is well maintained with the natural ecology preserved. You can also go wading in the sea as the water is not too deep. There is no vendor around so be sure to bring your own food and drink. There are some coconut trees where you can have picnic under a shade.

  1. Waipio Valley Beach

Waipio Valley Beach is a mile long black sandy beach on Big Island, Hawaii. The beach is bordered by cliffs and jungles. On the south side of the beach, you can observe the Kaluahine and Waiylili waterfalls pouring down the water from the 2000 foot cliff. It can be hard to access this beach as the road is narrow and steep. You will need to rent a four wheel drive to navigate through the beach. If you don’t want to drive, you can walk there instead. If you take the four wheel drive, it will be difficult to  turn back when you find the path troublesome to travel on. The road starts from Waipi’o Valley Lookout.

  1. Lindquist Beach

Lindquist Beach is a white sandy beach in Smith Bay Park on th eeast side of St. Thomas island. On Linquist Beach, you can find shades under coconut and sea grape trees. It is quieter in the weekdays but locals often come here to throw parties in the weekends. You can drive your four wheel drive along the small dirt path on Route 38 to reach Lindquist Beach. It offers amenities like public restrooms, and food vendor set up by locals. Lindquist Beach is near to attractions such as Coral World Ocean Park, Nadir Recreation Area, Mahogany Run Public Golf Course and Blebeard Castle.