Best Points Surfing in The World

Bali, Indonesia

All people in the world have heard of Bali. Small island between the islands of Java and Lombok islands and the island of Nusa Tenggara. The island of Bali is a peaceful land god, exotic, beautiful and save millions of beauty in every corner of the island which is the largest tourist destination in Indonesia. However, few know that bali great place for surfers. The best place covers an area of Bukit Peninsula – south of the city Denpasar, Kuta (Beach), Dreamland, Uluwatu or Padang Padang. With the waves coming from the Southern Ocean, Bali is rich in great waves of up to 12 ft high, from April to November.  If you plan to surf in Bali, do not forget visit to bali ubud Indonesia.


Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

In the Eastern Cape province of South Africa southwest, an hour’s drive from Port Elizabeth, Jeffreys Bay is one of the most famous surfing destinations. Especially the winter months of June, July, and August, surfers come to conquer the big waves. In addition to a popular surfing destination, Jeffreys Bay is famous blue and white sand beaches are gorgeous.

El Salvador

Republic of El Salvador borders the Pacific Ocean between Guatemala and Honduras, is a natural tourist attraction that is gaining more and more, with surfers visiting places like El Zonte, Sunzal, and La Libertad. Why? Since this place was not too crowded. March to October and coincides with the rainy season. Experienced surfers should expect waves of up to 10ft south.

Costa Rica

In Central America, the Republic of Costa Rica is the legendary surfing location. surfer ‘hardcore’ Most come here, mainly due to the waves lap is always there and for many great surf spots. Both coastlines produces great waves with the largest traffic season starts in April and ends in October.

Fuerteventura, Spain

Part of the Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast, Fuerteventura is also known as the Mecca of surfers. Temperatures here rarely falls and relatively stable. Surfers visiting the island are very pleased with the weather conditions, no matter how many years they did. The most popular are the wave of Rocky Point, Harbour Wall, Shooting Gallery, Generosa, suicide, Mejillonas, Majanicho, El Hierro, The Bubble, German Rights, Cotillo and Esquinzo.

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Mentawai Islands are a chain of rich wave of about seventy islands and islets off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, one of the most consistent surf destinations in the world. There are four main islands (Siberut, Sipora, North Pagi, and South Pagi) most bloated of blocks reaches land in Sumatra, which is the goal recorded for wave-hunters looking for some experience of surfing the most perfect in the world. Access is by sea only by ferries and charter boats.

Gold Coast, Australia

There is no doubt that Australia has some of the best beaches and the best waves, which are perfect ingredients for a surfer. The sixth most populous city in the country, Gold Coast City is located in the southeast corner of Queensland and is known for its sunny subtropical climate, popular surfing beaches and canal systems. Though expensive, it is a great tourist attraction.

California, North America

If for some reason you want to surf in North America, the best choice is California. The most offered was a big wave hunters who go to places like Maverick mountains during the winter. If you just want to enjoy a good wave but you do not find, try to choose a spot between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay.