Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

When talking about shopping destinations outside Indonesia, Singapore might be the most widely mentioned country considering its location is quite close to our country. However, it cannot be denied that goods sold in Singapore tend to be expensive. Alternatively, you can visit Thailand to shop. Here are some cheap shopping destinations in Thailand for those of you who like shopping!

MBK Center

This shopping mall was originally named Mahbookkrong. This mall is one of the oldest shopping centers in Asia because it was founded in 1986. The types of goods sold in this place are very diverse, ranging from clothing to electronics. The good news is that the average item is priced at a cheap price.

You might not find famous retailers like Zara or H & M, but you will find Thai products that are popular with local young people. Therefore, it’s good not to go to MBK on weekends because this place will be crowded with Thai teenagers who want to shop.

If you want to visit this place, there is no need to be confused because of its location close to the Skytrain, either from Siam Station or National Stadium. You can also take a taxi, but there are times when Bangkok traffic is unpredictable, so it’s prone to traffic jams.


Since its founding in 1782, Chinatown in Bangkok has become one of the largest Chinatown in the world. Its vast size (100,000 m2) makes Chinatown truly feel like a stand-alone city. You can visit this location if you want to feel the atmosphere of cheap and local shopping in Thailand. Therefore, the items in this place are cheap.

Many rare items that you will find in Chinatown Bangkok, ranging from antiques to the latest smartphone. When you are exhausted, walk towards Itsaraphap to fill up with Thai food. Really a location worth visiting!

Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market or the Four Regions Floating Market is divided into four parts representing four regions of Thailand (north, northeast, middle and south). This market offers a variety of foods and products typical of Thailand. At some point you can also find art galleries. If you like cultural arts, this market also holds art shows every afternoon. Exclamation, isn’t it?

If you really want to feel the sensation of shopping on water, you can rent a boat as well as a rower at an affordable price. With a boat, you will be more free to explore 114 outlets and stalls in this market. Also try the sensation of eating on a boat by trying out Thai specialties spread throughout the market.

Thepprasit Night Market

Thepprasit Night Market is one of the most popular cheap shopping locations in Thailand. Sometimes known as Kankheha Thepprasit Market, this night market is always crowded with visitors every weekend, precisely from Friday to Sunday. Visitors also vary, ranging from local to foreign tourists.

Various products can be found here, ranging from bags, hats, sandals, to knick-knacks. Fun again, Thepprasit Night Market also fits into a culinary tourism destination. Many local cuisines are sold, one of which includes the famous sticky mango rice.