Fine Opportunities for the Proper Airport Transfer


Traveling by taxi may seem like a luxury, but in many cases it becomes a necessity and, if you do the calculations well, maybe evens the best way to travel in certain opportunities. In any city in the world, and of course also, we can raise our hands and shout “taxi, taxi!” And they will take us to our destination. For the transfers from Florence airport you can have the best deals now.

Availability of taxis

All cities have a large fleet of taxis that are very easy to access, although there may be different regulations in terms of stops, costs, waiting times or transport of packages among other issues. Taxis can be stopped directly on the street by raising their hands or picking them up at stops located at strategic locations; They can also be ordered by phone, which is much safer than getting on a taxi on the street. Some hotels or restaurants tend to call you if you ask. Take into account that if you request it by phone, the taximeter starts counting from the place where the taxi driver is at the moment of receiving the order.

Necessary decisions

More and more, the inhabitants of the cities decide to change the use of their own vehicle to get on a taxi when traveling around the city, instead of opting for other means of transport such as the bus, the metro, the train or the bicycle. They even choose to rent a car for vacations or long trips, earning (and much) in savings and comfort. Add to that the expense of time you usually spend looking for parking, or not being able to read or consult your schedule or talking quietly on the phone because you are driving, or the inconvenience of not being able to have a drink because you have to drive, or the stress that causes to move around the city by bus or metro. All this makes traveling by taxi it is the most frequently chosen option in both large cities and smaller cities.

To take into account

If you are new or visiting a city, try to quickly identify the taxis; for example in Alicante they are white with two blue bands diagonally in the back door and the shield of the city, and indicate with a green light in the upper part if they are free. The form of payment is in cash although more and more accept payments with plastics. Before boarding the taxi, check the rate to avoid unpleasant surprises, as they can be differentiated according to the area of ​​the city, day of the week, holiday or working day or night, supplements, etc.