Buying a Luxury Home? Here are 3 Key Tips

Buying a Luxury Home? Here are 3 Key Tips

In an era that is starting to advance it is important to remember that South Florida luxury real estate is far different from luxury homes or conventional real estate, see tips that help you find solutions to start buying your first luxury home.

Go Beyond Zillow

Since many sellers of high-value real estate are highly recognizable personalities, they often do not list their properties on websites such as Zillow or Redfin. You’ll need to reach out to their personal connections in order to get the information that you need. Don’t hesitate to use your existing connections and networking savvy in order to meet the right people.

Get a Sense of the Surrounding Area

It’s difficult to judge a large home by just a few photos. Before touring a property, use Google Earth to get an idea of what it and the surrounding neighborhood look like in person. You’ll also want to take into account what types of businesses are close by, and whether there is any ongoing or planned construction within the general vicinity.

Choose Your Advisers Carefully

Purchasing luxury real estate is a high-stakes decision. Before you begin the process, make sure that you have a smart, trustworthy, reliable realtor and a financial planner on your side. If, at any point, your realtor and financial planner do not agree on what your next move should be, plan a meeting and make sure that everyone gets on the same page.

Finding and closing on a luxury home that you love can be complicated, but it shouldn’t be overly stressful. As long as you utilize your network, check out the property in detail and assemble a competent and reliable team, you should be able to move smoothly through the process. Good luck!