Guide on the Top 4 Beach Vacation Spots in the World


The beach is the spot where you can enjoy the sea and sun in a holiday mood. You should try to get out of your country to see some beaches in other parts of the world. It will be an unforgettable experience for you to relax or do some beach activities in one of the most beautiful setting. The following are the 4 best beach vacation spots around the world.

  1. Tikehau Island Beach

Tikehau Island beach is a white/pink sandy beach in French Polynesia. According to the Jacques Cousteau’s research group, the water around this atoll has the highest number of fishes compared to other atolls. The rental overwater bungalow is one of the reasons why it is an attraction for honeymooners. In the bungalow, there is a glass on the floor which allows you to see through to the sea bottom. You can enjoy recreational activities like snorkeling, bicycling, … Read more

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Shopping Paradise in Bangkok

Shop At The Chatuchak Weekend Market in Thailand - Eizy Travel


When talking about shopping destinations outside Indonesia, Singapore might be the most widely mentioned country considering its location is quite close to our country. However, it cannot be denied that goods sold in Singapore tend to be expensive. Alternatively, you can visit Thailand to shop. Here are some cheap shopping destinations in Thailand for those of you who like shopping!


MBK Center

This shopping mall was originally named Mahbookkrong. This mall is one of the oldest shopping centers in Asia because it was founded in 1986. The types of goods sold in this place are very diverse, ranging from clothing to electronics. The good news is that the average item is priced at a cheap price.

You might not find famous retailers like Zara or H & M, but you will find Thai products that are popular with local young people. Therefore, it’s good not to go to MBK on … Read more

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Fine Opportunities for the Proper Airport Transfer


Traveling by taxi may seem like a luxury, but in many cases it becomes a necessity and, if you do the calculations well, maybe evens the best way to travel in certain opportunities. In any city in the world, and of course also, we can raise our hands and shout “taxi, taxi!” And they will take us to our destination. For the transfers from Florence airport you can have the best deals now.

Availability of taxis

All cities have a large fleet of taxis that are very easy to access, although there may be different regulations in terms of stops, costs, waiting times or transport of packages among other issues. Taxis can be stopped directly on the street by raising their hands or picking them up at stops located at strategic locations; They can also be ordered by phone, which is much safer than getting on a taxi on the … Read more

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